Truffle Butta

from by Moses Barrymore

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Moses Barrymore talks dirty to the ladies on Nicki Minaj's Truffle Butter instrumental using clever sex wordplay.


Moses Barrymore "Truffle Butta" Written by Barry Jamaal Hardy 4/5/2015

Bang Bang I don't need no gun
Give her brain until she go dumb
When I eat it... I don't leave no krum
she say ahh real monsters but she don't run
I just want to beat no drum
I'm a giant like fi fo fum
Make the beanstalk cum
Put my hotdog between those bun
hit it out the ball park till she scream home run
She don't want to cheat though... I ain't playing games
you fucking with them lames on the d-low I gave you the cheat code
She was on that bull shit until she made my d rose
I pass her the balls... threw it in her braw like a nigga
shooting freethrows you fucking with me though
Tell yo man don't call. I got a wrecking ball to break down those walls
You can ride on top baby girl don't fall
Slob on my knob like corn on the cob
you say you need work well i'm hiring for blow jobs

Just call You know that you want me
If you feeling horny you know
Just call me. You know that you want me

You can play kim k
I can beat it up all day like my name kanye
Eat it up that's an ontray
then give her that d she like me the long way
She said Eat the cake anna may
So I treat her like a suffle
I said if you like 4 play
Then get 2 girls and Lets have a fourway
Anyday Anytime any place
69 turn that shit to 68
I like the way you ride my face
cat got my tongue I don't know else to say
You making me wanna stay
Don't stop unda lay unda lay
Undalay mamma ei ei
That's when she grabbed the zipper on my levi levi
She Said that it's giant call me eli eli
You call her she don't ever reply
bitch nigga

that's my hoe... If I want her I can getter
I told you I was witter bitch nigga now
I just took ya hoe
you ain't even know
It's Moses Barrymore!


from The Revival, released October 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Moses Barrymore Richmond, Virginia

22 year old Moses Barrymore is focused on turning L.I.F.E. into his legacy. With over 13 mixtapes to his name, Moses has made music his sole focus and is determined to put Virginia on the map. He struggled through school with an undiagnosed learning disability. He didn't speak until he was 3 years old, but that didn't take away his gift of sound as an aspiring hip hop artist. "No Way!" ... more

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