Freak No More Remix

from by Moses Barrymore

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Moses freestyles over Migos' "Freak no more" calling it "Don't Give A F***" speaking about how he doesn't care about what anybody thinks of him anymore. Moses spazzes with amazing wordplay, metaphors, and punchlines telling a story about how he feels about his haters.


Written by Moses Barrymore 9/20/2015
All lyrics are copywritten on a.s.c.a.p. under Kranbury Inc.

Don't give a f***

I son so many rappers people think that I'm the father
I got haters los like vegas so they nv like nevada
Keep It 100 Degrees You can't name somebody hotta
I spit flame like wacka flocka
I'm so sick I need a doctor
All these other rappers plane
I stay fly as helicoptas
My kick game like playing soccer
Shoes on lock call that footlocker
When I step up in the building
I'm the highlight like a marker
Dressed up just like a professor
now she a stalker like the parker
Cus my pockets on monique
Money talk I don't speak
Fucked yo bitch for 7 days
now I got her so week
I got her wetter than a fossit
I'm a plumber fixing leaks
I turned a good girl to a freak
now me and her don't even speak

I'm naughty by nature they feel me flow
They tell me they loving my videos
I be like really bro I made that shit like a year ago
I'm way more lyrical.. I just stepped up my material
eat all these rappers for cereal
That's why my circle stay small as a cheerio
I don't got time to ask why they behind a mask
niggas look rey mysterio
Soon As I step in the studio
I just black out like the superbowl
Killing these rappers
bring them to life then kill again that's a death at a funeral
Put you underground that's yo ass fault
Then drag you down to earth like you chris rock
Tombstone you like the undertaker
Fuck with me you gonna meet ya maker
I wanted world peace when he was a laker
but we in a rapture like anita baker
If grass is greener on the other the side
Then I'll hop the fence and smoke an achre
I miss the days when people kept it real
but when I look around these people getting faker
In God We Trust
That's the reason why the g's us
They say money the root of evil
and I'm planting my seeds up
Get high and learn that's high school
I'm hanging all my degrees up
I'm so cold they freeze up
now they gotta turn they degrees up
If a bitch hot I don't even swetter
cus I know that I can somebody better
I'm who they want b with like the 2nd letter
and the funny thing is I ain't even metter
I ran out of my fucks to give
the only fuck I give is a fuck you
Throw my middle finger up then chuck the duece


from The Revival, released October 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Moses Barrymore Richmond, Virginia

22 year old Moses Barrymore is focused on turning L.I.F.E. into his legacy. With over 13 mixtapes to his name, Moses has made music his sole focus and is determined to put Virginia on the map. He struggled through school with an undiagnosed learning disability. He didn't speak until he was 3 years old, but that didn't take away his gift of sound as an aspiring hip hop artist. "No Way!" ... more

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