Dope Boy Fresh

from by Moses Barrymore

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Moses explained the altercation on "Made you look" then gets deeper into the story about the robbery on 3/6 Mafia's "Dope Boy Fresh" Instrumental. He speaks about how his friends will ride or die with him to go get the money and he also explains how he spits that "Dope Boy Fresh" His lyrical ability is later compared to Dope because it is so raw.


Written by Moses Barrymore 9/30/2015
All Lyrics are copywritten under a.s.c.a.p. under Kranburry Inc.

I treat money like it's cable
I walk in and demand it
Then take everything everyone was taking for granted
I'm Dressed up like a bandit
Ready to jackson like janet
anybody pull the tool
shit is gonna get ratchet
I fixed that shit like mechanics
When I toldem don't panic
Best believe my mob deep so now we giving them havoc
I told you that I am a prodigy
Life is a game of monopoly
you landed right on my property
gimmie my money or it is a robbery
Nobodys stopping me
I know the police are watching me
so watch me like a rolex
Fuck ya'll up with no sex
Then wipe the blood off all you pussies
just like kotex
No flex but I benchpress
With all these bars and bo flex
then walk in like I'm goldberg when it's over
who next who next
I'm taking shots like 2 techs
but if they come at me next
Then they gone wipe away their tears
I swear they might need kleanex
I know ya'll mad at me
I gurantee you won't battle me
Yall got no bars low batteries
ya'll want me to fall like a bag of leaves
So that's the reason I had to leave
I'm allergic to fake got allergies
when I seen these niggas I had to sneeze
I looked and said God bless you
Then wiped it off with my tissue
I get paper now it's an issue
don't diss me or I will dissmiss you
and nobodys ever gonna miss you
cus your art is too artificial
niggas know that I been official
so they come when it's beneficial
Don't Trust Anybody
D.T.A. The Motto
I See through all these rappers when I put on my goggles
I say I make illanois but I'm not from chicago
I am Moses Barrymore that's why these people gone follow


I spit that dope boy
yeah that dope boy fresh
I know I'm not the best
but I'm better than the rest
I spit that dope boy
yeah that dope boy fresh
I know I'm not the best
but I'm better than the rest


from The Revival, released October 21, 2015
Three Six Mafia



all rights reserved


Moses Barrymore Richmond, Virginia

22 year old Moses Barrymore is focused on turning L.I.F.E. into his legacy. With over 13 mixtapes to his name, Moses has made music his sole focus and is determined to put Virginia on the map. He struggled through school with an undiagnosed learning disability. He didn't speak until he was 3 years old, but that didn't take away his gift of sound as an aspiring hip hop artist. "No Way!" ... more

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