Retarded Intelligence

by Moses Barrymore

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On October 21st 2011 Moses lost his little brother Tyris Hughlett so he decided to drop his mixtape in his honor. Since Moses grew up with a learning disablity, many people assumed that he might have been retarded growing up as a child. His lyrical content eventually got considered as "Retarded Intelligence." This breathtaking mixtape is filled with a various amount of ways to keep you entertained and bobbing your head. He bravely takes on many brilliant rappers' hits including Jay-z, 2 Pac, Lil Wayne, Drake, T.i., Meek Mill, and many more. This tape is filled wih small stories that all tell a huge story about his past, present, and future experiences through out his life. Moses brings out ItsCakess, Dyfferant Demeanor, Chris Cooley, Ike from B.a.s. Squad, Gen2DaBang, and his mother on a heartwarming hit "Remember Me." "People want to hear something stupid? Then I'm going to give them Retarded Intelligence" Moses Barrymore says sarcastically. For more updates on his upcoming album "L.i.f.e."(Learning Information From Experience,) Follow him on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Soundcloud @MosesBarrymore. Put your money towards somebody with talent, and who works hard to accomplish their dreams. All it takes is a little suppourt to to make a big difference. If you can not afford to buy it then just listen... if you don't have time to listen then just share. Any type of support will be appreciated. Hope you enjoy!


released October 21, 2014

This was mixed and mastered by Moses Barrymore. Lyrics are copywritten under A.s.c.a.p. Graphics done by



all rights reserved


Moses Barrymore Richmond, Virginia

22 year old Moses Barrymore is focused on turning L.I.F.E. into his legacy. With over 13 mixtapes to his name, Moses has made music his sole focus and is determined to put Virginia on the map. He struggled through school with an undiagnosed learning disability. He didn't speak until he was 3 years old, but that didn't take away his gift of sound as an aspiring hip hop artist. "No Way!" ... more

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Track Name: Ike - Chiraq
Moses (Chiraq Verse) All lyrics were written by Barry Jamaal Hardy 9/1/2014

Got young niggas that will die for me
My Mobb Deep like Prodigy
Lil Ty R.i.p
Now I'm the last of a dying breed
ya'll not real but ya'll try to be
Lie to me like I don't see
From my Left Eye like TLC
You fake niggas all trying "creep"
I woke up you thought I was sleep
Till I rolled up outside your streets
Ya'll didn't even try to speak.
You little kids played hide and seek
but honestly I don't try to beef my dynasty just trying to eat
Rick Ross I'm a be
making Millz just like I'm Meek
Don't ride with me in my (Maybach )
If you ain't walk with me way back
When I just had a tape deck and my friends would tell me "I can't rap,"
but I bet they all wouldn't say that
When I pull up in them Wheels Of Fortune.
Looking like Pat Say Jack with a record deal and I'm important
I son these niggas like an orphan
Kill them all just like abortions
Click up with with Power Rangers in a megazord we Mighty Morphan
In the Game I'm Michael Jordan no bullshit when I'm recording
I married rap now I'm divorcing
feeling Freeman like I'm Morgan
Shit I was a slave in the south
Till I came with a cloud made it rain in a drought
I had a brain storm what you thinking about?
Benjamin Franklin just figured out electricity when he was flying a kite.
He didn't know that the lightning would strike.
That's how I feel when I get on the mic.
This shit is as easy as riding a bike
All of you pussies remind me of dikes
cus you got your strap on but you not trying to fight
Where are yo boys? They all outta sight!
All of them (left) when the time wasn't (right)
I never.. murdered a day in my life
but (I) (K)ill (E)verything so I'm riding (Ike)
Im from Virginia the home of the killers where niggas get killed and they die every night.
Track Name: Suicidal
Moses Barrymore Suicidal Verse
Written by Barry Jamaal Hardy 8/17/2014

If my name in your mouth
I'll reach for you tongue then go take that shit out
Go get get a gun leave your brains on the couch
Just so I'll see what you thinking about
nigga you pussy you chasing the mouse
So Don't think you safe cus you stay in the house
Its going down we were raised in the south
so as soon as we see you we taking you out
Now all of my niggas is busting. Run up we ain't saying nothing
Bitch it's no discussion. None of us talking
we getting a coffin just like Robitussin
my nigga it's nothing
soon as we see you in public
you act 50 50 so keep it 100
You talking beef I put beef in the oven.
Now you underground like you Harriet Tubman
Don't step in my studio.
I'll murder you then I'll go kill you again that's a Death At A Funeral.
Where's Chris Rock when you need him?
Decons out here preaching about your death
Just because you had to kill yourself
Now all that's left is an empty gun
with a note beside it saying "I need help!"
Track Name: Spit That Dope
Moses Barrymore
Spit That Dope Written by Barry Jamaal Hardy 8/12/14

Young nigga move that dope
Moses spit that dope
That'll make you go
and kill yourself
Go get the rope or slit your throat
Ya'll take notes from the shit I wrote
Don't try to steal my quotes
Just feel my flow sit back and float
I hope you drown while I'm in my boat
Hold up let me clear my throat
Let me clear my throat
I am a king go build my moat
I control everything with my remote when I put on a show.
Everyone voted for me as the greatest mc that they know
I told pharoah we were all meant to be free so let my people go
cus I feel like a slave. Chasing these whips and these chains
but that's the way I was raised.
I'm trying to get paid. Tired of minumum wage.
I feel like I'm in a cage Inside of my brain.
I get so trapped in thoughts I don't know how I maintain
but I still spit dope that's inside of your veins
Till I have you addicted just like it's cocaine
I can spit fire when I'm in the rain
Get gasoline when you light the propane I'll blow up like grenades.
I bring the Heat like Dwayne
Don't try stand in my Wayde
You'll burst into flames
I will shine bright in the shade
like it's its the sunniest day
When I am gone I will not fade away
cus my music's forever and it's here to stay
I stay in the lab like Dexter
Call that Cartoon Network
I'm in a world with the Powerpuff Girls and I feel like I'm the Professor
When I sprinkle a little of sugar and spice Boil it and mix it with everything nice Add in a little of chemical x.
Bag it all up Then I give it a price like young nigga move that dope

Young nigga move that dope
I got them bars that look like soap
so move that dope go move that dope
I said Young nigga move that dope
Young Nigga move that dope
I got them bars that look like soap so move that dope
go move that dope I said Young nigga move that dope
Young Nigga move that dope
I got them bars that look like soap so move that dope
go move that dope
I said Young nigga move that dope
Young Nigga move that dope
I got them bars that look like soap so move that dope
go move that dope bitch!
Track Name: Who Do You Love
Moses Barrymore Who Do You Love
Written By Barry Jamaal Hardy 8/15/2014

When I put this beat on flames
you'll leave the heat like Lebron James
You niggas on the benches talking bout you got fame?
We're not All Stars in this basketball game
I swear that you rappers all lame
Talk about things when you're not what you claim
If I ever hear any parts of name
Then I'm gonna Roc A fella and you gone be like Dame
Why you taking shots at my fame?
I took you out the picture so get off of my frame
Hip Hip Hop Is my photo shop
So don't be surprised when I crop out your face
Yes bitch you will be replaced
I'll erase you like I was pressing back space
I create what you can't trace don't try to trace
my shit like you with the right click copy paste
This a race. Ya'll trying to ketch up like Heins
Everytime I finishlines I arrive in 1st place
You should throw your watch in the garbage
Really cus your time is a waste
They say that the sky the limit
So Jumped in my rocket and flew to outterspace
Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane
no it's me supermane you just on the Louis Lane
Mom told me to aim for the stars I'm a shooting star
So When the choppa go bang like my big cousin James
that's a Big Bang Theory.
I take out the Shelldon it's off with your brains
I got hip hop in my veins
It's in my True Blood but I'm not with that gang
I'm a vampire cus I sleep through the day
Then I come out at night and I pop out my fangs
Ya'll niggas not in my lane like a bowling ball
overall I am over all you niggas
People follow me like twitter
and they looking up to me
shit I ain't even tall my nigga
I make hits everybody listen
now my only competition that I see is the man in the mirror
Everybody say they my nigga
real recognize real they not familiar
So Who Can I trust?
When all these cheating hoes say they faithful
Who Can I love
They hate to love and they love to hate you
Who Can I trust
Cutting everybody off really
cus I had enough
Fuck fake people Fuck The World
I'm busting a nut

Yuck... I'm nasty.. but it is what it is though
It's me... Moses... and this is Retarded Intelligence... Bitch
Who do you love?
I'm your favorite rapper's fucking favorite rapper so who do you love?
Track Name: Dyferrant Demeanor - Senile
Moses Barrymore "Senile" Verse
Written by Barry Jamaal Hardy 7/26/14

Fresh to death killing everybody/ You will see da feet like karate
Everytime I walk up in the party I just take away their souls I ain't join illuminatti
I'm Pippen all these women like I'm Scottie So I give them all the D no offense to yo shawty
Took her to the hotel hoe tell everybody. It was all in her head.. oh well it was sloppy Hoe said I was cocky
I let her rock the boat then the boat got rocky
I love nobody. Tell the hoe I'm sorry
but theirs snakes everywhere like I'm stuck in a safari
I don't fuck with anybody keep in touch with anybody
I just wave like a tsunami and they thinking that I am narley
Tell the boyz in the hood want to see a dead body
I got skelletons behind me like I'm rocking Ed Hardy
I'm a dead zombie Walking With the Dead Now I am moon walking
In a cartoon with the Looney Toon martians
making Space Jamz I'm a Monstar starring
Elmer Fuds watching so Duck like Daffy
cus when it's bird season the birds cluck at me
why you so mad bruh I thought you'd be happy
Instead you're so mad you can't even look at me!
Do you see me now? Look at me now!
I used to be an Outkast now I do it Big Boi
Swagg-er An Dre 3000
Shit add another 3000 you can have this style for free cus it's a free style.This the old me so I'm senile Burried in the sand now I'm putting down the beach towel. (Aw)
Track Name: Kermit The Frog - None Of My Business
Moses Barrymore None Of My Business
Written by Barry Jamaal Hardy 7/21/2014

She say she a fan but that's none of my business
Oh you got a man but that's none of my business
I understand you comitted no need to explain
cus I already get it. I'm not running game but wassup them digits
You said that he lame so come fuck with the realist
she did it and hopped in the ride not gonna lie
she was all up in her feelings.
I know that you sad but don't cry
you gone be fine. Moses is up in the building
I put on my suite and my tie, looked in her eyes
then I just gave the business
she swallowed my kids now you having her children?
Don't come back to me cus that's none of my business!

She fucking the crew and she go out with you
but but that's none of my business
None of my business none of business none of my business
Niggas pretend like the shit isn't true but that's none of my business
I was gon keep it 100 but fuck it that's none of my business
Kermit "and you go out every single night with the same outfit but thats none of my business
none of my business Kermit "Loser"

You dance in the club when you know you got roaches that dance in yo kitchen
You screaming "turn up" when your lights turn off but that's none of my business How you religous? When every weekend you be fucking these niggas or fucking these women? You ask for forgiveness when you was just sinning? That's none of my business
I know you pretending
You live how you living
You rocking them jeans?
That's your true religion?
You went and you got it for 500 dollars you know that you ignorant
You popping these bottles like there's no tomorrow but can't buy Mc Donalds? That's none of my business!
You say that's ya girl man you know that you wilding (You Lying)
You say that she's (y)ours but the y is just silent
(She Hours)
when I go for seconds that shit perfect timing
I beat it so good that she know she can't fight it
When I get inside it I know that she like it
She get sunny d now she feeling delighted
That vitamin D is so good for her diet
I told her to try it. She was a hoe on the low
when she go low on my privates
We meet up in private. When you be texting her phone
she just put that shit up on silent
and yo stupid ass just decided to wife her
but I'ma be quiet that's none of my business

Kermit "You're not watching pornsites but your history is clear... but that's none of my business... Pervert!"

None of my business.. She fucking the crew and she go out with you but that's none of my business
you niggas pretend that this shit isn't true but that's none of my business
I was gone keep it 100 but fuck it but that's none of my business
So you rocking jordans but you got food stamps? I see.... *Sips Tea* but that's none of my business

None of my business
Kermit "You've been working out for 6 months but your before and after pics are exactly the same.... but that's none of my business"
Track Name: Cut Her Off
Moses Barrymore Cut Her Off
Written by Barry Jamaal Hardy 7/21/2014

It ain't nothing to fuck yo bitch dog
Don't think I won't take yo bitch dog

Ahhh So what you saying bro
You think that she faitful
When I saw her cheating but I guess that's how the game go
Nigga that's same hoe that we used to train though
She was like pornsite all she did was Bangbros case closed
It ain't nothing to fuck yo bitch dog
Soon as she call my phone it's going down
It ain't nothing to fuck yo bitch dog

She pulled out my meat and said hello it's nice to meet ya
Since she Hot N Ready I'm a eater like some pizza
now she having Lil Casears got her shaking on the flow
Next thing that I know Cheaters rushed in to the do
I'm Sorry Joey Greco I ain't mean to take his hoe
She said she was single when we met I didn't know
That bitch isn't taking she just taking off her clothes
Everybody knows Dont ever think I won't take ya hoe
ahhh damn

It aint nothing to fuck yo bitch dog
Don't think I won't take yo bitch dog
ahhh So what you saying bro
You think that she faitful
When I saw her cheating but I guess that's how the game go
Nigga that's same hoe that we used to train though
She was like pornsite all she did was Bangbros case closed
It ain't nothing to fuck yo bitch dog
Soon as she call my phone it's going down
It ain't nothing to fuck yo bitch dog

Since I'm never free I charge yo girl a fee
so when you give her money she just give it all to me
You think that she alone? when really she with me
Her brain so good I should give her a degree
Now I ain't go to college but I got a P.H.D.
Pretty Huge Dick and yo girl want to see
A that's just how it b
She C I got the D
Yo sex game on E so she F'n with a G Best Believe

It aint nothing to fuck yo bitch dog
(Soon as she call my phone it's going down)
It ain't nothing to fuck yo bitch dog
(That's my hoe)
ahhh So what you saying bro
You think that she faitful
When I saw her cheating but I guess that's how the game go (she a hoe)
Nigga that's same hoe that we used to train though
She was like pornsite all she did was Bangbros case closed
It ain't nothing to fuck yo bitch dog
Soon as she call my phone it's going down
It ain't nothing to fuck yo bitch dog
ahhhh Moses
Track Name: Mediocre
Moses Barrymore "Mediocre"
Written by Barry Jamaal Hardy "7/31/2014

I fuck bad bitches and none of them mediocre
Got yo wifey sleeping over shit and I don't even know her
She said when she give you head You don't even choker
nigga why you playing poker?
Poker face I'll poke her
Make it rain Al Roker
She want me to come over
but she got to wait in line if she ride this rolla coaster
You know I'm a take my time everytime I motor boater
I know that she love me like kel love his orange soda
I want all that gimmie dat shawty bend it over
You look like the letter v when your legs over your shoulders
I'm fuck you like a g.. girl you messing with a soldier
When them other niggas hit it they take minutes Motorolla
You be begging her. I lay the Smack Down on her ass like a wrestler
make her tap out then we crash like nebular. Pump the pussy up
like gas on the regular. When we hit the Sheetz I am a predator
Attack her like an animal I never been an ameture
5 hour energy I been a g with stamina.
I sweep her off her feet then I clean it up like janitors
I give her the business she like the way I manager
I pulled out my camera and told her make a sex tape
Put it on xvideos and let em know our sex great
Apparently, I'm a pornstar Ron Jere-mey
Looking for a girl with D Ass like CheorkeeTo Marry me
Can you picture us up on our wedding day?
If I see them wedding cakes I'll eat the cake like Anna May
The other day I met a girl that sort of looked like Sara Jay
I would fuck her anyday Who cares if her titties fake
I do not discriminate I'll take a bitch any race
any city state or any place short pretty face
Big girls or them thick girls with the skinny waste
If that pussy good then I tell her put it in my face
Your girlfriend be in the the way
By the way if she say she gay I'm a get it straight
She eat pussy? Well she gonna share this dick today!
I'm gone get behind that 69 like a 68
Then put that pussy on my dinner plate
I look at her and then I say

Cute Face but your body mediocre
Aye Shawty mediocre so I don't even want ha
You Don't swallow Kids? Then your head mediocre
your sex mediocre so I don't even want ya
You ain't got a job? yo money mediocre
You living mediocre so I don't even want ya
I fuck bad bitches and none of them mediocre
well one of them mediocre so I act I don't know her
Track Name: Fight Night
Moses Barrymore (Fight Night)
Written by Barry Jamaal Hardy 8/5/2014

Afro Thunda
Let me box the box let's get Ready 2 Rumble
It's only round 1 so I went upper cut slow
Jab Upper cut Jab hiter with that combo
I go.. deep in that pussy like a swimming coach
Leave her swollen Gary Coleman give her Different Strokes
Back stroke Deep stroke like I'm in a boat
Scuba dive in that pussy now I'm getting soaked
She ask me for a towel
Sorry... I.O.U. Bitch buy a vowel
I'm deep in her stomach no she want to have a child
but who am I judge? I ain't Simon Cowel
I'll murder that pussy beat the trial
show you who's in charge like a police file
I hit it undercover now she wanting me to cuffer
When I gave that bitch my number it was on her speed dial
Wow now she calling 911 screaming "Fuck the police" everytime I cum
I beat the pussy up like Mike Ty-son
Bite her ear off make her bite her tongue
It's alright I'm done
This is Fight Night and tonight I won
She want a rematch cus she liked round 1
When she got up she said I'm not done
now her cat got my tongue pussy got me loss for words
You said you gone make me cum I'll make you swallow those words
I hope you got honor roll girl
cus I've gotten more brain then alot of those nerds
Yeah First of all let me set the record straight
You are just a feather weight you dealing with a heavy weight
I Beat it up like Maywhether even when the weather's May
Hit it so hard now I got her week for 7 days
She can't even walk straight pretty soon her legs will shake
I hitter with the finisher it's almost time to celebrate.
I hit upper cut now she down for the count
I'm so sorry shawty but I had to knock it out
Hitter with the left Hitter with the right
I just beat the pussy up like Fight Night
Down for the count.. I just knocked her out
Go to sleep have you ever gone night night?
(Here's the winner by. Knoccck out)
Have you ever gone night night?

(What has gotten into you with these finishers.. 2 spectactular finishers)

Hitter with the left. Hitter with the right.
Knock Knock Knock the pussy out like fight night

Moses... Barrymore
Track Name: ItsCakes - Hookah
Moses Barrymore (Hookah Verse)
Written by Barry Jamaal Hardy 10/1/2014

I can make it rain on you
April Showers April Fools
I ain't gon pay for you
but I get money outter space call that Papermoon
I'm bout to get a strippa pregnant
I go Chippenham when I get up intersection
I'm lost in the pussy I should get directions
but I hope that they never find me
I be chilling with my brothers like the Iseley's
In the Boondocks like I'm Riley I be
with some white girls I can tell that they wanna fuck us
and they don't even like niggas Uncle Ruckus
We at the hotel now they undercovas
Screaming Fuck the police now they wanna cuff us
When I let her ride we be burning rubbas
Everytime I get inside I feel like a plumba
I give her the pipe at her man's house
Beat the pussy up till she tap out
I got good sex that she brag bout
This Pimp shit's in my True Blood Sookie Stackhouse
I don't give a fuck what you rap bout
I'll son you like American Dad When I just Stan out
How you cool when you never bring the fans out?
I should cut your arm off for looking for a hand out
Turn the video on I'm demand now
Rolling Rolling up trees till we branch out
Smoking superbowls till we black out
If you Throw a quarterback I'm a pass out
Pass me the hookah
Track Name: Gen 2 Da Bang - VAlien
Moses Barrymore (Verse) written by Barry Jamaal Hardy 10/1/2014

I'm a Valien them Hop out of my rocket like I'm tracy mc grady then
I pulled out my ray gun for fun and started lasering
It is an invasion when you see me I'm invading them
From another planet you would think that I'm invader zim
If you spitting monkey bars I'll climb up the gymnasium
cus I think so outside the box that I don't have a cranium
Open up my mind and probally find uranium
Mixed with some titanium from smoking this geranium
I'm so spaced out with these space bars I'm spacing them
There is no escape backspace I'm erasing them
I am just an artist painting pictures so they trace it in
Making looney toons in my room I be going in
Welcome to my space jam I feel like MJ and them
I am with the monstars chilling with the aliens
Living on a planet by myself so I'm not making friends
They be playing games when the gamestop I trade them in
It's in living color like I'm damion
When I get high in high definition it's amazing when
you see the shit for what it really is and you just take it in
That's why I'm into making friends At the end
I just keep it real when I spit
so I hope you love this shit
Keep it real when i spit so I hope you love this shit
Keep it real when I spit so I hope you love this shit
Keep it real when I spit so I hope you love this shit
Track Name: Cooley - Apollo13
Moses Barrymore "Apollo13" Verse
Writen by Barry Jamaal Hardy 10/7/14

I just came off of my spaceship
About to go Planet Of The Ape shit
You are now entering the Matrix so don't get Los like in Vegas
I bless you all with my greatness now nigga NV me like Nevada
cus all of them basic?
but I get strong from the hatered
The same ones that's hating the ones on my waitlist waiting and begging for features They see I'm "wassup" like I'm Martin and Gina
Flow is so Cole it should be in a Frieza
I go super saying Vegeta
Take me to your leader. I come in peace like a pizza
Don't make me turn into a creature!
My skin will get greener Then I'll have a different demeanor with Hippies N Goonz like I'm Dyfferant Demeanor
I'm smoking a Cooley and drinking this Chris
Niggas get mad but they ain't gonna diss
I am the shit so it's making you pissed
Cus They love me like Raymond and Hate you like Chris
Poof You don't exist There's your career you won't be missed
If that's a diss then that mean you dismissed
You a wack rapper that's marked off my list
Tisk Tisk... That is a shame
What is your name? Sorry but I don't remember you
You say that you're famous. How come I've never heard of you?
Bitch you can't blame for asking or having a little suspician
You making these songs but nobody gone listen
You put out these tapes but no one pay attention
While I'm getting mentioned but everybody that's in Richmond
They all say that I'm the greatest!
I remember when I was underrated
now people are saying that I'm overrated I know that they hate it!
I never said that I'm real I just let all my songs demonstrate it as soon as they play it. I feel like I'm the main rapper that everyone hope gonna make it, but I already made it.
Track Name: Drive Slow
Moses Barrymore Drive Slow
Written By Barry Jamaal Hardy 8/7/2014

I remember back when
They were teaching us fractions
I was too busy dreaming of rapping
so I would get bored and start to be a distraction
Wrote on the chalk board and some people were laughing Till they kicked me outta school like I got no class. Then put me with the slow kids like I'm not fast. The teachers used to tell me "you not gon last."
Even the guidance counselor told me I'm not gon passThat's
When I said "Fuck School,"Cus I hated the teachers and I didn't get the shit the were teaching. X + y what the hell is the reason That you teach this? Am I really ever gone need this
When I'm trying to be the next mc?
Why would I care about Einstein when he wasn't there?
I didn't get it so I flipped till it fit my career
and mixed energy with mass that's Mc Squared.
I got exspelled for the rest of the year
I didn't even get to go walk the aisle with my peers
It brought my mother to tears that she couldn't see her son
or hear my name at the roll call while everyone cheers
I disappeared and I ran from my fear
but I couldn't run far it was always near
I never look back but I knew that it's here
I can hear a little voice in my ear
It's telling me to drive slow homey

(Drive Slow Homey Drive Slow)
Track Name: 0 to 100
0 to 100 (Written by Barry Jamaal Hardy)
Moses Barrymore 8/11/2014

I go 0 to 100 nigga real quick
There's only so much that I can deal with
The same ones who hate are the same people chill with
Be careful who you friends with cus people will pretend quick
Niggas always get pissed when you tell them real shit
They act bitch and start to "switch" like Will Smith
I'm the Fresh Prince now you on that Uncle Phil shit
Judging my tracks so I fought back with real hits
Went to the hospital and started spitting ill shit
Doctors told me I had strep throat.. I still spit
Could of been dead but instead I would kill shit
Even when I left the hospital... I was still sick
I remember waiting for my medication
Got so high I was meditating
For ever chasing this disease we call a dream mixed it with dedication
and some motivation. I got drive license registration yeah
I arrived at my destination
Meet me on the road to riches or continue hating
Either way I'm gone make it to the promise land
I am Moses.. It's all part of God's Plan

I go 0 to 100 nigga real quick
real quick real fucking quick
I go 0 to 100 nigga real quick
real quick real fucking quick.
I go 0 to 100 nigga real
My whole squad on that real shit!
Track Name: Its Cakess - A Star Is Born
A Star is born by Moses Barrymore
Written by Barry Jamaal Hardy 10/1/2014

It was all a dream listening to B.i.g.
Jay z Dmx Run D.M.C.
R.i.p. Left Eye give her T.L.C.
Tell Tupac to party for me
I just wanted to be
like them watching B.e.t. Back when we Had AJ and Free
Those were the days when
Everybody was a real mc and the shit they would spit was amazing
Rap City The Basement
When everyone was battling Jin
He was asian and nobody thought he would win
Till the nigga started spitting and he kilt the competition
I would give up anything to see that happen again
Good music Good Rhymes
Good Life Those were the Good Times
I know all legends have diedbut when I rap I feel like their alive
When I look in the sky
Every Day A Star Is Born...
Track Name: I'm On
Moses Barrymore "I'm On" Written by Barry Jamaal Hardy 1/18/20014

A star was born I'm my mom's only sun
I never really had no dad involved
so I did what I could to be a man for mom
When I lived in the hood we played basketball
and if you not good? You not black at all
That was back when I won't getting ass at all
so I started doing me. I was jacking off
now I laugh it off cus these bitches looking easy
Hoes at my shows same bitches ain't believe me
All the same niggas that ain't listen to my cd
Balling on the court I'm a do this shit on tv
This is dedicated to all of those record labels
that got my demo on their table cus they never played it
and This is dedicated to the teachers that were saying
You will never make it with no proper education
That kept me motivated through out every song
It feels good knowing that I proved you wrong
I'm so close to my dreams I can feel it in my palms
I've been waiting so long Thank God
"I'm On"
I'm on
Ohhh yeahh
I'm On 5 x
Track Name: Gen 2 Da Bang - All Me
Written by Barry Jamaal Hardy 12/27/2014

All me by Moses Barrymore

Chorus: Started with nothing and got everything
Don't pay me with checks pay respect
If you didn't struggle with me you not there through success
It's too late. Fuck that you don't need my help
You just want to use me cus I
Came up that's All Me
No help just all me
by myself just all me
All me For Real
Mixtapes that's all me
Studio that's all me
Videos that's all me
This is my year!

Moses Verse

I work hard go check my resume
I drop a new song almost everyday
These other rappers week taking 7 days
All I do is say real shit niggas never say
I'm my own boss I'm about to give my self a raise
I get my energy from my inner g
My only enemie is my inner me
Lyrically you're Eminem backwards
your my menimE
Imaginary friends you pretend to be
Ain't fooling me you a frienemie
Me dying from laughter is the only way you niggas killing me
I am mentally from a century
100 years from now they going to mention me
I dug my mixtape underground
but Ironically they're digging me
Even niggas with no arms still feeling me
They're the same people that are lifting me
Walk into my presence see the gift in me
I got more Styles then that nigga P
This a free style you can get it free
This year I know a lot of niggas sick of me
but bad bitches can't get enough of me they see I'm making moves WWE. You don't fuck with me? I don't blame you if I were you i'd hate too. If I were you I'd hate you cus I do things that you can't do
I'm self made but I made you If you hate me then you hate you
I feel the jealousy in the air so I hold my nose till my face blue
God Damn

Chorus: Started with nothing and got everything
Don't pay me with checks pay respect
If you didn't struggle with me you not there through success
It's too late. Fuck that you don't need my help
You just want to use me cus I
Came up that's All Me
No help just all me
by myself just all me
All me For Real
Mixtapes that's all me
Studio that's all me
Videos that's all me
This is my year!
Track Name: Staring Through My Rearview
Staring through my rearview written by Moses Barrymore

These cops blackmail black males for crack sales
Throw us up in these overpack jails to kill ourselves
They judge a nigga like we Joe Brown for being brown
Look what the cops did to Michael Brown They shot him down
The government don't give a fuck
If we live or if or if we die but I'm not giving up
Throw my middle finger up screaming "Fuck the police!"
cus you gotta hold heat in these cold streets or you going to rest in piece even though we don't sleep
We live in a nightmare where there's no peace
They got money for the war but they poor when it's time to feed the poor That's just something that they can't afford
When it rains it pours but through the rainy weather
There's always a sunny day that's going to make it better
if we stay together Nothing lasts Forever!
Ain't nobody gonna save us If we never try to save ourselves we living in hell
I wish i could free all my niggas in jail
As soon as I get the money I'd giving them the bail
It 's hard when you see all yo niggas in cells
Looking through that glass wall and sending them mail
I just wish there was something I could do
Staring at the world through my rearview
All I see is dead people when I watch the news
Staring at the world through my rear view
They got me staring at the world through my rear view
Go ahead and scream to God.. He can't hear you
I can feel your heartbeating fast cus it's time to die
Getting High watching time fly.
Track Name: Holy Grail
Holy Grail written by Barry Jamaal Hardy (Moses Barrymore)

They say have faith in Jesus
Everything all happens for a reason
If there's really a Jesus can someone explain the reason
why the good die young and some die for no reason?
My brother Ty died I asked why am I breathing?
Since we all have to die are we alive for no reason?
I try to find meaning in this life with no meaning
Asking why am I dreaming in a life I don't sleep in?
I don't know why I'm thinking I'ma get an explanation
With no evidence to back up what I'm saying I'm just saying
I've been thinking... Is there really a God and a Satan
or is it a figment of our imagination?
2 characters created for all of us to have faith in because somebody couldn't find an explanation of where we came from.
I've been preying and patiently waiting
only to look around in my life and see the samething
I can't whine I break bread
we all die I ain't scared
I won't lie it's fuck friends
Caskets don't come with bunk beds
I was born alone and I'll die alone
The only friend I had was this microphone
She would listen when no one cared
and was always there soon as I got home
I would speak my mind through my highs and lows
when I was lost she would find my goals
Idk when we first met, we fell in love a long time ago
I remember back when I was 15 and we made love in the studio
When I die I hope my tombstone at the funeral says "I am Moses"
Track Name: Mom (Big Girl) - Remember Me
Moses Featuring Big Girl Hardy

Remember me? (Written By Barry Jamaal Hardy 9/8/2014)

My life's been looking kind of scary
Living in this House of Payne Tyler Perry
Everytime I make a friend it's only temporary
I just hope that they remember barry when I'm burried
Everyone's in love like it is Feburary
Having girlfriends with kids or they getting married
I be tripping when I fall cus I be getting carried
It's just me against the world ..military
I act like a soldier for everyone else
Going through a civil war and fight for my self
I ain't looking for a girl cus I'm finding my self
or I fall in love with someone who love someone else
Expectations only lead to disappointments
and I'm so tired of the disappointments
That's why I don't expect shit from anyone
Nobody can help cus I'm the only one

I just want to know
who will remember me
who will remember me
When I'm dead and gone
and you hear this song
who will remember me
Who will remember me?
I just want to know

My mother she can barely walk
and My grandmother she can barely talk
My grandpa got diabeties But I never cry
I just thank God that all of them are still alive
I swallow my pride and walk with a smile
Go visit their house and talk for a while
I do everything I can just to makem proud
They ain't got nobody else cus I'm an only child
Shout out to my cousin that nigga my brother
When we didn't have nobody we would have each other
Neither of us had a dad we had single mothers
but growing up with out a father made us even tougher
and R.i.p my nigga Ty
I can't believe you died bruh I'm not gon lie
I pretend you still here everytime I'm high
I can see you looking down looking at the sky
All I got is Tray and my nigga Zack
Both them out of prison It's good to see them back
I just walk in their shadows they know I got their back
If anything ever happens somebody getting smacked
I go in the booth and make another track
Some people say it's good some say it's wack
Either way you want to judge bruh I'm saying facts
I'm just doing what I love trying make a stack

I just want to know
who will remember me
who will remember me
When I'm dead and gone
and you hear this song
who will remember me
Who will remember me?
I just want to know

(Big Girl Hardy)
Remember me
Who will remember me?
In Ya Memory(ooh ohh ohh ohh)
(When you hear my song)
Who Will Remember me?
(When you hear my song When you hear my song)
Who Will Remember me?
I want you to remember me
(When I'm Dead and Gone)
When I'm dead and gone
I want you to remember me
When I'm dead and gone
Who will remember me?
When I'm Dead and Gone
Will you remember me? In your Memory?
(Remember me)