The Revival

by Moses Barrymore

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The title "The Revival" defines Moses Barrymore Reviving the old and making it urban with his lyrical ability. This was self engineered and self written by Moses Barrymore under Kranburry Inc.


released October 21, 2015

Engineered and Written by Moses Barrymore. Graphics done by Inceptivision.



all rights reserved


Moses Barrymore Richmond, Virginia

22 year old Moses Barrymore is focused on turning L.I.F.E. into his legacy. With over 13 mixtapes to his name, Moses has made music his sole focus and is determined to put Virginia on the map. He struggled through school with an undiagnosed learning disability. He didn't speak until he was 3 years old, but that didn't take away his gift of sound as an aspiring hip hop artist. "No Way!" ... more

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Track Name: The Revival Ft. Tre Awthenicc
Copywritten under A.S.C.A.P. Lyrics were written by Moses Barrymore
9/11/2015 Under Kranburry Inc.

Overall I am overall
I'm in my own lane
all I need is a bowling ball I can throw at ya'll
Smash your adam's apple
turn it into apple sauce
Then hit you by surprise
until your eyes look like diana ross
If I catch you on the field just call me randy moss
Russian like I came from germany and then go smack ya boss
Rap the string around your mouth like it was dental floss
Beat you with the mic untill you suffer instrumental loss
You talking shit from the computer cus you microsoft
I don't hear you rappers when you spit just like mic is off
Just to listen I need 10 bottles of tylenol
I rather tie some rope around my neck and take the highest fall
I wish I could tie you rappers to a matress spring
pour some gasoline around scene and let the lighter fall
Drag your body out the fire give you cpr
Strangle you with tape annd Use your mouth just like a vcr
I'm on every channel when you turn the tv on
I got you thinking it's superstion like the stevie song
Now you screaming oh god what did I do wrong
He's everywhere I'm so scared I thought he was gone
Bitch I'm back like a spinal chord
Just to rip your back from your spinal chord
and make sure that you don't rhyme no more
I killed you once so I seen you flatline before
I just want to come and pull the chord
and watch you die some more
Ever fly before?
Don't think it's the drink
This redbull will give you wings
If you try to soar
You'll be all kind of sore
When I walk inside the door
Open up the locks
Then use your socks just to wipe the floor
I just swept you off your feet It felt like a chore
Any other rapper want to beef then I'm a carnivore
I'm raw backwards that's why ya'll wanna start a war
but ya'll can never beat me in the game
don't even try to score
I'm from the land before time like a dinosaur
It's Moses Barrymore
and Tre Awthenicc
you already know.
Track Name: Check Remix (They Know)
Written by Moses Barrymore 9/23/2015 All lyrics are copywritten under a.s.c.a.p. under Kranburry Inc.

People show me love no matter where I go
I ain't gotta brag
cus I already know they know
I'm respected nigga everywhere I go
I never say I'm real
cus I already know they know
They know they know
they know they know they kno
Real Recognize Real They Know
So I ain't gotta brag no mo
People show me love no matter where I go
I ain't gotta brag
cus I already know they know

i ain't gotta brag I rather speak with accomplishments
Soon as I read all these compliments
It starts to build up my confidence
I do not have to campaign
Don't compare me to these politics
I don't complain when these niggas be talking shit
I don't respond to it
cus I know soon as they see me they acting the opposite
Well, I think I'm the shit..
That is the reason it's making you pissed
They love me like raymond and hate you like chris
cus I'm making these hits like I'm making a fist.
Ya'll used to tell me that I was crazy
When I said I had the blueprint and I was jay z
I had a lazy eye but eye was not lazy
When I was a rugrat 90's baby
I'm all that I'm superdude
Ya'll got me twisted like arubix cubes
You squares get alot of youtube views
but when I ask about you they say who is you
My city know that I'm come first
so if you're not me then you're 2nd place
I'm running shit but I never race
and I did it all in my own pace
I run my city like a running back
When I touchdown I ain't running back
I just run these tracks like I'm running track
exercising demons doing jumping jacks
These rappers using my old style
They all look like ancient artifacts
I sold it to em then I bought it back
cus they washed up like a laundry mat
I turn dreams into nightmares
Now everybody quite scared
I'm in a fight with life she don't fight fair
so it make me bi polar like bears
Niggas like to brag but I don't care
my buzz in a whole another light year
They local and hoping that they city share
While my style's loved fucking everywhere

People show me love no matter where I go
I never had to brag
cus I already know they know
I'm respected nigga everywhere I go
I never say I'm real
cus I already know they know
They know they know
they know they know they kno
Real reocgnize real they know
so I aint gotta brag no mo
People show me love no matter where I go
I ain't gotta brag cus I already know
they know.
Track Name: HandClap
HandClap Written by Moses Barrymore 10/2/2015
All lyrics are copywritten by A.S.C.A.P. under Kranburry Inc.

I'm humble with an arrogant swag
I'm just a man who took a stan like
American dad
I used to be a family guy
peter griffin
they tried to get rid of me
now I'm quagmire giggity giggity
My head too big for anyone to belittle me
I bet in another century somebody will mention me
I'm sick but they'll never get sick of me
I stayed underground
That's why my town dig my music they digging me
I rap with a gift in the present
Go look under the christmas tree
check the wish list
I'm who people wish to be
Demi Lovato with all of my lyrics
cus this is me
Maybe that's the reason why
you fearing me lyrically
Cus you spitting monkey bars
Go to school bruh ya style elementary
In the labortory there is no chemistry
You need some social studies
cus your buddies know that you have no history
Up in english class you didn't have similies
Go study the game then write up the documentary
I want a west side story back sent to me
You always say you putting money over bitches
when you at the strip club throwing money over bitches
but that's none of my business
I'm just sipping my tea
Listening to all your music while I'm gritting my teeth
That's that shit I don't like.
Chief keef... while I'm chiefing my keef
I'm just waiting for these niggas to beef
I got young gunz with me no chris and no neef
I am not from kansas city but I feel like the chief
No tighty whities on but I'm keeping it brief
Even atheis are showing belief
Lemme see them hands clap
lemme see them hands clap
lemme see them hands clap
lemme see them hands clap
If you want more
gimmie an encore
if you want more
gimmie an encore
1 for the money
2 for the shows
3 for the music
and 0 for theese hoes

YOu in the friend zone
You touchdown but you never in the inzone
I'm in the galaxy like a new phone
smoking on that barney rubble
now I'm flinstoned
I'm rolling up like windows
Outside smoking on that indo
Getting fucking blowed like nintendo
64 She said whip my hair
Now she looking like Willow
I'm getting headrest my feet on the pillow
That's your girlfriend bro
oops I didn't no
I'm boyfriend number 2
so she sharpened up my pencil
You are like New Orleans cus she give you the n.o.
My Jon and them East side boyz made her Get low
Dey know That's my fucking Shawty on the L.o.
Her face says goodbye but her body tell me hello
You the type of nigga that will buy a cigarello
but show up with them knicks like you teamed up with Carmello
I'm getting high scores ain't nobody on my level
I roll up wiz khalifa mix it with that black and yellow
now my blunt look like a bumble bee
Smoking on exotic weed
you smoke on them dollar trees
It's sorry no apologies
I went through Star Wars
choppa sounding just like Chewbacca
No Darth Vader but I'm your father
I'm Luke Skywalker with my lightsavior
ready to swing
I live in Saturn I'm the lord of the rings
Did you catch that?
In My J Morr Voice..
Track Name: The Magnificent
The Magnifcent Written by Moses Barrymore 6/18/2015
Under Kranburry Inc.

I'm the most hated... duplicated
Imitated when I illustrate it
Artist look intimidated
now people telling people I'm overated
but when I was underrated
and passing out my tape they ain't want to play it
I went through ups and downs but I elevated
I do this for my people that never made it
Now look who I motivated
I'm ya favorite rapper favorite rapper
I don't think you get it hold up let me say it backwards.
(Brings Words and beat backwards)

All These other rappers can't compete
I'm at the finish line still running these streets
Call me texas pete cus I always bring the heat
when I rap I make handicaps jump out of their seats
I don't mean the drink when I unleash the beast
I'm a monster when I write songs call it monsters inc
I was rapping in the closet you rapped around the sheetz
It's a nightmare on elm street when I'm on beats
Yikes Yeeks Don't sleep
I'm freddy crougar it's friday the 13th
My head above the water people wanted me to sink
I was Just In The Timberlake but now I'm N-Sync
I flow like the water when It's coming out the sink
They throwing in the towel cus they the weakest link
I write like Ja Rule Everytime I murder Inc
When I hear the instrumental I don't even got to think
The m is for the music that I'm making on the mic
The O's for Oppurtunity to do this in my life
The S is for the sacrifice
The E's for every night
and the s is for success so make sure you spell it right
M.o.s.e.s. I feel like I'm the best so I gotta confess
(I am the magnifcent)
and I won't settle for less

There's just something I gotta know
Why ya'll want me to fall like dominos?
Is it because I don't do my shows
dressed up in designer clothes
or make a twerk song while I dance with the finest hoes
Develop childish flows when I'm sick as a common cold
Your roll model playing a model roll
Acting for the screen but be walking with outta soul
but I ain't looking like a leprechaun for the pot of gold
Life is too short so I'm focused on bigger goals
like telling everybody the best story that wasn't told
If you didn't know now you know.
(I'm Magnificent)
Track Name: Commas (Numbers) Ft. Gooby The Baby
Written By Moses Barrymore 8/16/2015 All Lyrics are copywritten on a.s.c.a.p. under Kranbury Inc.

They hate to love and and they love to hate
they mad at me because I'm great
I put my brain on my state
then turned the shit to my mind state
Everybody look up to me and like I'm 7 ft but I'm 5 8
Life is short so why wait I think big but I'm lightweight
I flex on em like Terry Cruise
my punchlines leave niggas bruised
I'm the man behind these bars like prison dudes
You'll get served like prison food
Everybody got an attitude
I'm just doing what I have to do
I'm like steve cus I gotta go through a family feud
My friends fake and my family too
I'm bymyself I don't have a crew
Fuck everybody my style a group
I'm getting fresh like mannie do
Been a big tymer since 02
I'm still fly no birdman
I been hotboy since a juvenile.
I was spitting flame since fireman
Ya'll didn't notice my name is moses so I'm taking us to the promise land
I thank God he got a plan. cus at first man I didn't understand
Everybody rap but them niggas wack. I'm the only person that got a band
I'm legendary they ordinary but I'm still here to give a helping hand.
My shit doing numbers my shit doing numbers mane
My shit doing numbers my shit doing numbers mane
50,000 to 100,000 100,000 to 200,000
All these plays just from freestyling
These other rappers ain't got talent.
Track Name: 5:00 Am In The Studio
Written by Moses Barrymore 10/3/2015 all lyrics are copywritten under a.s.c.a.p. by Kranburry Inc.

You can't walk in my shoes we wear a different size
So I don't understand why you critisize
I'm a get this dough watch a nigga rise
I had to tie the bow with my family ties
and x out the squares now they minimized
That's the reason why I minused myself
I saw shit won't adding up when I divided my wealth
Niggas used to come up short like an elf
but when I needed their help
I realized I had to be by myself
Don't be surprised when I suddenly start to disappear
You were distorted but now I can see you crystal clear
You spread them rumours about me you thought I didn't hear
I listen carefully nigga cus I'm an engineer
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only rapper killing here
and that's the reason why I'm the person these niggas fear
I'm donald trump in my city cus I just end careers
I'm doing more in a month then niggas did a year
My shit dope but I ain't sell no crack
I put rappers underground with these rail road tracks
I had to train just to get where I'm at
No Ku Klux Klan
but the hood is behind my back
Im making these projects to get us out the projects
but no one ever seems to get the message like a long text
I'm taking off just to figure out who I'll put on next
I shared my dreams but they all slept
Track Name: Freak No More Remix
Written by Moses Barrymore 9/20/2015
All lyrics are copywritten on a.s.c.a.p. under Kranbury Inc.

Don't give a f***

I son so many rappers people think that I'm the father
I got haters los like vegas so they nv like nevada
Keep It 100 Degrees You can't name somebody hotta
I spit flame like wacka flocka
I'm so sick I need a doctor
All these other rappers plane
I stay fly as helicoptas
My kick game like playing soccer
Shoes on lock call that footlocker
When I step up in the building
I'm the highlight like a marker
Dressed up just like a professor
now she a stalker like the parker
Cus my pockets on monique
Money talk I don't speak
Fucked yo bitch for 7 days
now I got her so week
I got her wetter than a fossit
I'm a plumber fixing leaks
I turned a good girl to a freak
now me and her don't even speak

I'm naughty by nature they feel me flow
They tell me they loving my videos
I be like really bro I made that shit like a year ago
I'm way more lyrical.. I just stepped up my material
eat all these rappers for cereal
That's why my circle stay small as a cheerio
I don't got time to ask why they behind a mask
niggas look rey mysterio
Soon As I step in the studio
I just black out like the superbowl
Killing these rappers
bring them to life then kill again that's a death at a funeral
Put you underground that's yo ass fault
Then drag you down to earth like you chris rock
Tombstone you like the undertaker
Fuck with me you gonna meet ya maker
I wanted world peace when he was a laker
but we in a rapture like anita baker
If grass is greener on the other the side
Then I'll hop the fence and smoke an achre
I miss the days when people kept it real
but when I look around these people getting faker
In God We Trust
That's the reason why the g's us
They say money the root of evil
and I'm planting my seeds up
Get high and learn that's high school
I'm hanging all my degrees up
I'm so cold they freeze up
now they gotta turn they degrees up
If a bitch hot I don't even swetter
cus I know that I can somebody better
I'm who they want b with like the 2nd letter
and the funny thing is I ain't even metter
I ran out of my fucks to give
the only fuck I give is a fuck you
Throw my middle finger up then chuck the duece
Track Name: Made You Look
Written by Moses Barrymore 10/10/2015
All lyrics are copywritten under a.s.c.a.p. by Kranburry Inc.

Made You Look

I keep a sharp shooter like brett
My point guard will keep shooting till you nothing but net
I got niggas in virginia with techs
call that virginia tech
They'll smoke you in newport no ciggarete
light ya like a bic
Fight ya with a stick
Beat up all your dogs
Call em michael vick
When they throw a bullet pass
Get The Trigga Pull it fast
If they catch you on the field
you'll touchdown on the grass
If you hit the concrete that's yo assfault
You'll get thrown up in the dumbster so don't trashtalk
If you run then we'll be running back like marshal faulk
3/6 Mafia we the last 2 walk
I know Crips like I handicap park
and bloods you'll see red and blue No atlanta hawk
Got the key to my city so the shit on lock
It's just me against the world I feel like I'm pac
If you run up with the glock That's a bad choice
We keep a hydro pump and we will blastoise
Act b.i.g. you'll meet the bad boys
When we show up at your door like the pizza boy
Special delivery.. hit you with that papa john
We coming for that cheese no pamasean
Take what we want
Cus we haven't ate in months like ramadaon
So now my niggas act like kevin hart when they ride along
I'm a grown little man but yo ass will get beat
I'll put your back on concrete until you're back on the street
My niggas strapped like a passenger seat
If you call the police Them hotboys will come blast with the heat

Now The block is hot
All you see is cop cars on the parking lot
The only thing on my mind is run
Someone hide the gun
before they come and someone get shot
This was all yo fault
Bitch nigga had to snitch man we could of got caught
We street smart guess you niggas forgot
We hid the gun at ya house
so police will prolly run in ya spot.
Track Name: Dope Boy Fresh
Written by Moses Barrymore 9/30/2015
All Lyrics are copywritten under a.s.c.a.p. under Kranburry Inc.

I treat money like it's cable
I walk in and demand it
Then take everything everyone was taking for granted
I'm Dressed up like a bandit
Ready to jackson like janet
anybody pull the tool
shit is gonna get ratchet
I fixed that shit like mechanics
When I toldem don't panic
Best believe my mob deep so now we giving them havoc
I told you that I am a prodigy
Life is a game of monopoly
you landed right on my property
gimmie my money or it is a robbery
Nobodys stopping me
I know the police are watching me
so watch me like a rolex
Fuck ya'll up with no sex
Then wipe the blood off all you pussies
just like kotex
No flex but I benchpress
With all these bars and bo flex
then walk in like I'm goldberg when it's over
who next who next
I'm taking shots like 2 techs
but if they come at me next
Then they gone wipe away their tears
I swear they might need kleanex
I know ya'll mad at me
I gurantee you won't battle me
Yall got no bars low batteries
ya'll want me to fall like a bag of leaves
So that's the reason I had to leave
I'm allergic to fake got allergies
when I seen these niggas I had to sneeze
I looked and said God bless you
Then wiped it off with my tissue
I get paper now it's an issue
don't diss me or I will dissmiss you
and nobodys ever gonna miss you
cus your art is too artificial
niggas know that I been official
so they come when it's beneficial
Don't Trust Anybody
D.T.A. The Motto
I See through all these rappers when I put on my goggles
I say I make illanois but I'm not from chicago
I am Moses Barrymore that's why these people gone follow


I spit that dope boy
yeah that dope boy fresh
I know I'm not the best
but I'm better than the rest
I spit that dope boy
yeah that dope boy fresh
I know I'm not the best
but I'm better than the rest
Track Name: 56 Nights
56 Nights

I got the mind of a menace
when I'm in the lab i just feel like a chemist
I look at my watch ain't no time for these bitches
I'm too busy doing me and minding my business
When they start putting my name in their mouth
thats when I act like a dentist
Ya'll smile in my face but I bet you won't smile when I'm finished
This a freestyle but my style is expensive
I spit all these bars they should throw me in prison
cus I put my life in a sentence
Soon as I hear all these beats I diminish
and feel like pop eye when he eating his spinage
They say the sky is the limit
I ain't seen the sky in a minute
but if you look up you can see that I am in it
Just make sure your eyes are real squinted
Nigga just look through the telescope
I want to know can you see me though?
I Dance With The Stars like the tv show
but don't confuse me with Jerry or Romeo
You should go check my profolio
I bet your bitch already know me though
soon as I looked at the message I got all these Texas
like it's San Antonio
Got in that hole like I'm tony though (parker)
I asked her wassup with her homie though?
I got her smoking this bone
now she want me to bone
but I can't fuck a bony hoe
I got in that spine gave her skully o
I think her sign was a scorpio
All I rememeber is that she was thick
and she rode on this dick like a rodeo.

All my ex's are exotic
I just think that that's ironic
all I do is just hit the pussy
then skate away just like Sonic
Everyday I light chronic
and take all of these narcotics
All my niggas know I got it
I hook them up just like phonics

All my ex's are exotic
I just think that that's ironic
all I do is just hit the pussy
then skate away just like Sonic
Everyday I light chronic
and take all of these narcotics
All my niggas know I got it
I hook them up just like phonics
Track Name: Energy
Written By Moses Barrymore/ Copywritten by A.S.C.A.P. under Kranburry Inc. 8/14/2015


I got frienemies got alot of frienemies
all these fake friends trying to take away my energy
they all want to haaaattee on a nigga
all my real friends still got faith in a nigga

Have anger towards everyone reaching success
Niggas no where to be found when you starving to death
but when they see you getting food they want to eat with the rest
I just do this to express I don't need to impress
but I still want to leave earth as one of the best
No bench press but when you see me I flex
I dress everyday like I might see my ex
They say love's in the air so I'm holding my breath
nigga don't hate the player nigga hate on the ref
This life is a game and my name should be steph
I'm a be a warrior until the day of my death

I got frienemies got alot of frienemies
All these fake friends trying to drain me from this energy
They all want to hate on a nigga
All my real friends still got faith in a nigga

Real Recognize Real and you don't look familar
There ain't nobody realer than the man in the mirror
Put my fitted cap on and I a live in a new era
Then I just get up in the booth and lose control like ciara
I release my inner g and the g stand for genius
This is my movie nigga I ain't looking for no features
Stick to the script ya'll suck like leaches
You rap with no delivery call it lil ceasures
Hip Hop's a game you were watching from the bleachers
I was on the field running offense and defense
They never see my strength cus their focused on my weakness
Niggas think I've changed and they ain't heard from me cents
I mixed my own now that's what you call a remix
Way before the sentence I'm not talking bout a prefix
When I'm in the stu you looking blue and I don't mean crips
This is in my blood red cross get the crucifix

I got frienemies got alot of frienemies
All these fake friends trying to drain me from this energy
They all want to hate on a nigga
All my real friends still got faith in a nigga
Track Name: Only
Only (Verse)
I talk to a model that's sexy
we are 2 liters a bottle of pepsi
I knew when she met me she tried so hard to impress me
but I just like chocalate like nesley
I'm quick with the chicks since they wanted to test me
They gotta correct me. I'll work with the bubbles
like pots of spaghetti. While Eating their pizzas
I had lil ceasures they hot n and they ready
Drop Make that booty wap
Bring it my way I ain't talking bout fetty
I got 2 girls making a sandwhich on me while I'm feeling their jelly
Feel like I came out the delli
We went through a dilema like a kelly and nelly
Now they keep hitting me up on my celly
While you niggas stalking her daily and asking her "Why don't you text me"
You be on that do you miss me shit
Nigga you stay on that sissy shit
She always tell you she busy
cus I am the person that she getting busy with
Bitches don't want no one sensitive
I swear this is not a cowensadense
Ya'll are just slaves on relationships
That's why these bitches be having you pussy whipped
I know these women be plotting so that's why I put on a condom
I'm not having kids with you bitch I got too many problems
you want me to fall like it's autumn so I gotta leave
These bitches come by the seasons. If love's in the air I can't breathe
You say you miss me but bitch you can miss me with that
I find it hard it hard to believe


You say you love me I know that's a lie
You probably say that to all of the guys
Why are you acting like you so surprised
You know I hate it when I see you cry
I know that you really want me
Atleast that's what you told me
but you don't even know me
you just scared of being lonely
I am not your only
so you can't control me
I'm independent like 4th of july

Written by Moses Barrymore. Copywritten by A.S.C.A.P. Under Kranburry Inc.
Track Name: You Pregnant
You Pregnant! Written by Moses Barrymore 5/5/15
All Lyrics are copywritten by A.S.C.A.P. under Kranburry Inc.

I don't like a hoe that don't like a hoe
what the fuck is you lying foe?
Trying act all brand new
when my click hit a long time ago
You must of had about 4 abortions
If I eat the pussy I'd find a ghost
Everytime that you post a status
On Facebook I just like the post
Cus I know the reason you try to boast
Lie about what you hide the most
Cus you don't want all your friends to know
you got a sex addiction and you over dosed
Yo baby daddies going broke cus you robbing them
for with that child suppourt and you use that money
to go buy some clothes what the fuck is you crying fo

Bitch You pregnant
cus you a hoe
Bitch you pregnant
now everybody know
Bitch you pregnant. Why you even bother
Bitch you Pregnant You'll never find the father

You got your hair done and your nails did
but you can't afford food for you kid
You turnt up on a tuesday and got bills to pay
you ain't shid. It's a sin to fuck when you not married
but when the baby born you say it's a blessing
You already got 2 kids now you telling me that you got pregnant
that's 3 kids and you still fucking! Having sex and it's unprotected
Ain't no way you could of learn your lesson you don't know the father
you still guessing. You fucking on the low. You nothing but a hoe
We already know that you fast bitch don't say let's take it slow
It's too late for that you can't change the past...
Bitch you don't even want to change the diapers
You a child that had a child claiming you a mom that's fucking childish
Taking all these baby pics and putting them on your instagram
Using babies just to get attention when deep down we don't give a damn

You Pregnant
cus you a hoe
Bitch you pregnant
now everybody know
Bitch you pregnant
why you even bother?
Bitch you pregnant
You'll never find the father.

Who you think you fooling 2x
You a hoe and everybody know so who you think you fooling?
Who you think you fooling 2x
You a hoe and everybody know so who you think you fooling
Who you think you fooling 2x
You a hoe and everybody know so who you think you fooling
Bitch you Pregnant...
cus you a hoe
Bitch you pregnant
now everybody know
Track Name: Truffle Butta
Moses Barrymore "Truffle Butta" Written by Barry Jamaal Hardy 4/5/2015

Bang Bang I don't need no gun
Give her brain until she go dumb
When I eat it... I don't leave no krum
she say ahh real monsters but she don't run
I just want to beat no drum
I'm a giant like fi fo fum
Make the beanstalk cum
Put my hotdog between those bun
hit it out the ball park till she scream home run
She don't want to cheat though... I ain't playing games
you fucking with them lames on the d-low I gave you the cheat code
She was on that bull shit until she made my d rose
I pass her the balls... threw it in her braw like a nigga
shooting freethrows you fucking with me though
Tell yo man don't call. I got a wrecking ball to break down those walls
You can ride on top baby girl don't fall
Slob on my knob like corn on the cob
you say you need work well i'm hiring for blow jobs

Just call You know that you want me
If you feeling horny you know
Just call me. You know that you want me

You can play kim k
I can beat it up all day like my name kanye
Eat it up that's an ontray
then give her that d she like me the long way
She said Eat the cake anna may
So I treat her like a suffle
I said if you like 4 play
Then get 2 girls and Lets have a fourway
Anyday Anytime any place
69 turn that shit to 68
I like the way you ride my face
cat got my tongue I don't know else to say
You making me wanna stay
Don't stop unda lay unda lay
Undalay mamma ei ei
That's when she grabbed the zipper on my levi levi
She Said that it's giant call me eli eli
You call her she don't ever reply
bitch nigga

that's my hoe... If I want her I can getter
I told you I was witter bitch nigga now
I just took ya hoe
you ain't even know
It's Moses Barrymore!
Track Name: Smile Ft. Jocelyn
Something special cus you special to me ya know
I know you going through alot but
that don't mean I can't be the reason why you smile right?

I wanna be the reason you smile 3x
I just wanna be the reason why you smile

Moses Verse
You're beauty had me intimidated
I had a crush on you but I was too afraid to say it
I just didn't want to make things complicated
I loved our relationship I know we never dated
but my feelings catching up and now I can't escape it
I'm giving you my heart just promise me you'll never break it
and I'll promise that we'll never be seperated
Through the ups and downs I'll be here to elevate
Girl You're all that I see
I know you say you're not perfect but you're perfect for me
I like your beauty but I love you more personally
When I close my eyes and dream it's like you're the only person I see
There's no other place that I rather b
Then being next you just watching tv
I want this to last forever
so will you be my wife?
let me love you for the rest of my life
and be the reason you smile.


Everytime I'm around
I'm a hold you down
when you feeling down
I'll be the reason you smile
I've liked you for a while
so it makes me smile
When I see you smile
You're the reason I smile
I can be be your friend
or your girlfriend
Either way at the end
I'll be the reason you smile
I just want to be the reason that you smile

Jocelyn ( Verse)

Even though you're intimidated by my ways
Maybe you can put me in a better place
complicated for what?
I gave you my number
Even though we haven't date it's been a while
leaning on you sometimes make me get aroused
everytime you come around
I'ma hold you down

4x I wanna be the reason you smile
I wanna be the reason you smile
Everytime I come around
baby I'ma hold you down
Turn that frown upside down
I wanna see you smile
cus everytime you smile you be making me smile.

Chorus 2x

Everytime I'm around
I'm a hold you down
when you feeling down
I'll be the reason you smile
I've liked you for a while
so it makes me smile
When I see you smile
You're the reason I smile
I can be be your friend
or your girlfriend
Either way at the end
I'll be the reason you smile
I just want to be the reason that you smile

I wanna be the reason you smile
I wanna be the reason you smile
I wanna be the reason you smile
I just wanna be the reason that you smile

Written By Moses Barrymore 10/1/2015 Copywritten by A.s.c.a.p. under Kranburry Inc.